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Cremation & Funeral

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Body Boxes & Corrugated Cloth-covered Caskets

Manufactured & Shipped Cremation Containers

Serenty Blue Dark Cloth-covered Casket

Corrugated Cloth-covered Caskets
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About Corrugated Cloth-covered Caskets

Our Funeral, Corrugated Cloth-covered Caskets 

  • 100% American-made caskets

  • Hand-sewn, hand-crafted satin interiors, matching pillow & hidden plastic liner

  • Ideal for both burial and cremation ​

  • Respectful and affordable container for viewing 

Funeral Gallery, Corrugated Cloth-covered Caskets

Casket gallery

Cremation Body Boxes
"Over-sized" Body Boxes & ECO-friendly Cremation Boxes

Selling Points of Covington's Cremation Body Boxes: 

Easy to handle, easy to store, all inclusive 2 Pack body box containers complete with 2 boxes, 2 pre-printed lids and interior poly liner bags. 


2 Pack body box (pictured)

2 pack cremation body box
Cremation Body Box
Cremation body box

Best-selling Cremation body box and "Over-size" body box cremation container, all inclusive unit. 

Body box open

Convenient 'Patented Easy Entrance Panel' to allow loading without lifting.

Greencoat box web.png

Order “M-Cote” L6000 cremation body box & lid.

No wax, water resistant, and
holds up in refrigeration! 

ABOUT Cremation Body Boxes & "Over-size" Body Boxes

  • Assembly in less than 2 minutes

  • NO tools, glue, tape, or staples  required to assemble 

  • ENGINEERED TOUGH. Our cremation body box supports 250 pounds 

  • Water resistant adhesive 

  • High test lb. double wall corrugated

  • ​Double panel, reinforced ends;  Allows for stacking without crushing​

  • Pre-printed labels for easy identification

ABOUT Benefits of “M-Cote" 

L6000 cremation containers 

  • Costs less

  • Easy to assemble 

  • 100% burnable with no hazardous emissions 

  • Holds up during refrigeration 

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