Covington takes pride

that there have been

no claims regarding damaged customer parts

since inception in 1981.

Warehouse Solutions

Covington's  JIT Shipping has guaranteed same day delivery or next day shipments.

We have a full fleet of trucks.

Covington’s fleet consists of :

15 trailers, 5 semi tractors, and 3 box trucks to meet our customers' needs for on time, daily  shipping.

We use only our own drivers; We do not rely on outside carriers. Our full freight fleet meets any delivery requirements. Additionally, 75% of Covington’s orders are filled same day or next day delivery.

On time shipping... every time.

Think Covington Box!​

Our 200+ customers enjoy a 99% on time shipping & delivery record.

"We warehouse,  ship and  package boxes  from our Waterloo, Indiana plant saving our customers thousands of dollars. "

For over three decades, Covington Box & Packaging's Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
systems have minimized customer inventory levels by shipping on a Just in Time, (JIT ) basis, thus dramatically improving inventory turnover, manufacturing cost and increasing cash flow for our clients.

Our 30-years experience of key warehouse solutions has helped us become number one with our customers for three decades.

Covington Box & Packaging is one of the
largest packaging, warehouse providers and shipping companies in the entire tri-sate region of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. We are  ISO Certified.

Covington Box and Packaging

Vendor Managed Inventory​ 

200,000 sq.ft. warehouse

Fast, Shipping Boxes.

Just in Time, JIT Shipping, quick order turnarounds, same day delivery, guaranteed!