Overview of our packaging supplies

  • Custom designed boxes
  • Stock boxes 
  • Foam in place packaging 
  • Plastic packaging 
  • Corrugated die cuts 
  • Partitions 
  • Kitted skid boxes
  • Cremation boxes

Covington Box and Packaging

has the packing supplies you need.

We are #1 in packaging solutions;  From high-end class A painted surfaces to electronic components, our experienced team will listen to you and determine the best and most cost effective solution for packaging, boxes.  Allow us to customize your packing supplies to fit your needs and budget.

We provide a wide range of  supplies for packing, shipping and securing your products, such as:

  • fully assembled skid boxes
  • foam to corrugated
  • plastic to corrugated
  • special designed cut outs
  • assembled partitions
  • anti scuff corrugated
  • printed cartons
  • retail packaging
  • stock boxes
  • die cut foam
  • bubble wrap
  • stretch wrap

All things for packaging and warehousing.


"What You Want, When You Want It"

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Die Cut Pads & Partitions

No matter the size for configuration, our designers understand the harsh shipping conditions and will ensure parts are protected and secure for a safe transit & arrival. 

Custom boxes

Covington Box and Packaging

"Adopt-A-Pet" Pet box carrier
Inside plant at Covington Box
Pallet Set Up Box
Die cut pads & partitions

Custom Box Designs

Custom "Adopt-A-Pet" pet carrier.
Die cut box comes flat, 25 per bundle,
(min. qty) $3.90 ea. 100 qty - $3.55 ea.
​Easy fold instructions printed on box. Sturdy carrier with many vent holes to safely transport small pet.

plant workers at Covington Box

Our Packaging Plant

packaging supplies

Our strength is our stunning quality, excellent service and prompt shipping,  (JIT SHIPPING).  

You will be very satisfied with the quality & care we use when assembling your corrugated box containers, and buying directly from the manufacturer is a huge plus, saving you lots of money!    

Core-cutting machine
Specialty Boxes

Eco-friendly innovation,  an alternative to the traditional wood pallet

The core pallet by Covington Box offers the same strength as a wood pallet and yet is totally recyclable. 

Pallet Set Up Box  

Fully assembled boxes with all the necessary components such as partitions, pads, die cuts and corner post created specific to customer requirements. All kitted together on a pallet and shipped directly to the production line. 

No assembly required.

 Our innovative, Core-cutting machine's purpose is to cut to fiber paper cores to certain heights, so that we can make corrugated pallets. The machine will take core that’s several feet and cut 3” and 4” cores at a rate of 1000 per hour.​  

The finish result is an alternative to the traditional wood pallet and complete recyclable.

The use can be to separate bales for easy handling or stack product on for shipping purposes.  The “Core” cutting machine was installed in 2016.

alternative to the traditional wood pallet

Specialty Boxes

Designed specifically to protect valuable parts from scratches, rubbing & harsh climate.  Key packaging components: Cross-link/Anti-abrasive foam, “Andersoft” lined corrugated, waxed chip board & polyethylene bags.

 With a workforce of 65-dedicated employees and office staff, Covington Box & Packaging operates a packaging plant of more than 200,000 sq.ft. in Waterloo, Indiana.

Good people doing great business for awesome customers since 1981.

 We continue to grow and lead the way in meeting special packaging,  warehousing and  shipping requirements for hundreds of loyal customers in Tri-state regions of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.