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​No minimums, mix and match.  JIT Shipping.

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50-Quantity single pack L-6000 in bale form

100% American-made.

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L6000 Greencoat Box, Covington Box & Packaging
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3-ways to order L-6000 cremation containers & lids​​

 --Order: Bale, 1-Pack or 5-Pack              

cardboard box and packaging supplies
bale of L6000 containers, 190-Quantity
ORDER: bale of body box containers
cardboard box and packaging supplies
ORDER: 2-pack body box containers

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We service customers with large quantity of  packaging orders, small orders, special packaging options, private labeling product requests, custom design requests and more. We are box manufacturers and ship boxes nationwide to you

-our valued customers including funeral homes, crematories, casket distributors, and casket companies. ​​

​​​2-ways to order body boxes & "over-sized" body boxes & lids

--Order: Bale or 2-Pack Body box kit

bale of 20 5-pack L-6000 containers

​​Cloth-covered caskets are typically shipped 4-Quantity caskets per pallet.   Go to "CREMATION & FUNERAL".

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We sell only to the funeral and cremation industry.  We do not sell to the general public.

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