L6000 “Greencoat”, cremation container, Covington Box & Packaging

"Proudly producing high-quality caskets and cremation containers for more than 20 years"

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Each of our corrugated, cloth-covered caskets is hand-crafted by skilled, caring workers in our Edgerton, Ohio plant and shipped nationally for your convenience.  ​​Caskets are typically shipped 4-Quantity caskets per pallet. Mix and match. No minimums. Click casket image to expand image larger.


No tools, glue, tape, or staples are required to assemble our  "Body box" cremation containers.​

 Assembly in less than 2 minutes.

We manufacture and sell caskets and cremation containers directly to the funeral and cremation industry.

Cremation Boxes & Caskets 

 About Cloth-Covered Caskets 

 100% American-made corrugated, cloth-covered caskets are ideal for both burial and cremation. 

Our cloth-covered caskets present a respectful product for viewing with a soft cloth-covered finish in a variety of pleasing colors and prints.

Our hand-sewn, hand-crafted satin interiors come complete with liner and matching pillow.  We discretely line every cloth covered casket with a hidden plastic liner.

Our cloth-covered caskets come with a solid wood frame and wood handles in dark or light finish, or polycarbonate handles.

Dimensions, Body Box, cremation container

I.D. --76 1/2 X 22 X 11 1/4 

O.D. --79 1/4 X 23 3/4  X 12 

Lady working, Hand-Crafted Corrugated Caskets

Our Body Box, cremation container

​​Our "Body Boxes" are ENGINEERED TOUGH.  The body box, cremation container supports 250 pounds without failure and includes our patented easy entrance panel to allow loading without lifting.


  • ​Water resistant adhesive 
  • High test lb. double wall corrugated
  • ​Double panel, reinforced ends;  Allows for stacking without crushing
  • Pre-folded lids require no assembly
  • Pre-printed labels for easy identification


Cremation containers​​

Flag, 100% American-made

Buy the Body Box with our patented “Easy Entrance Panel”.

Dimensions, L6000 “Greencoat” cremation container

I.D. -- 75 X 22 1/2 X 12 


No wax, water resistant box! 

Covington introduces the first water resistant cremation container in the market, "Greencoat" is a patent process by where no fluids/water/moisture can penetrate the paper.

This revolutionary product provides durability to the box during refrigeration.​​


LOGO, Covington Box & Packaging
Cremation container, easy open side

Featured Corrugated Casket:  "Serenity Dark".

See casket galley below.

Dimensions, "Over-size" Body Box, cremation container

I.D. -- 80 1/2 X 25 X 12 

OD. -- 81 1/4 X 26 X 12 1/2 

​Our cloth-covered caskets​​​​

100% American-made.

Our L6000 “Greencoat” cremation container 

​​​We are a corrugated sheet plant manufacturer of cremation boxes and caskets.  ​We are the makers, not resellers!  ​​

Why order our cloth-covered caskets?​

  • Stunning, hand-crafted quality 
  • ​Best value for you​
  • Easy, fast shipping.
  • No assembly required. 
  • 100% made in USA​


Benefits of L6000 “Greencoat" cremation container

  • Costs less
  • Easy to assemble 
  • 100% burnable with no hazardous emissions 
  • ​OSHA & EPA Approved
  • Pre-printed label lid for easy identification
  • High test lb. double-wall corrugated
  • ​Reinforced liner insert sold separately

Serenity Dark - Cloth-Covered Casket