Pam Miller, 27 years at Covington Box

Pam Miller, 26 years at Covington Box

United Way, Steuben County, ​"Box Regatta"  

​Lake James, Pokagon State.The "Cardboard box" Regatta.

We donated cardboard for the entire event.   This event featured Covington as captain of two boat entries. All for a great cause, Whoot-hoo!!

"We are extremely happy to expand warehouse operations to include Edgerton, Ohio." 

The town of Edgerton is a wonderful place to do business and the people have welcomed us with open arms. Everyone involved with our decision to locate in Edgerton has been extremely supportive and helpful.

I personally want to thank Dawn Fitzcharles and the administration, Scott Blue and the fire department, Keith Winebar, Doug Wilson-Wilson Excavating,

Dan Siebenaler-Siebenaler construction and Scott Wyss – Dynacrete. We look forward to working with and supporting the town of Edgerton

for years to come."

--Tony Fifer, President Covington Box

Covington Box and Packaging

About Us

Plant workers and office staff, Covington Box
Recycle LOGO

Our Environmental Responsibility

Covington Box & Packaging’s recycling equipment keeps our scrap material manageable and profitable.  We believe Covington's recycling programs  are our environmental responsibility, and we promote this philosophy to our customers.

The average corrugated box consists of 46 percent recycled fiber.

Learn about Recycling here

Outsourcing your scrap material can be profitable.

Let us show you how to add to your bottom line.

 We Recycle.

Our Community Service Projects

Are you a non-profit 501(c)3 looking for support?   Contact us.

Pam Miller: “I have been here 27 years and although there are many things I love about my job, I would have to say the most outstanding has been the opportunity to learn and grow within this family-owned business. Working for a company who's values and commitments to their customers and employees a high priority, makes it easy to love coming to work every day.”

Troy Hantz: - 30 years. "Family atmosphere. I can say I'm in a good mood when I have to go to work. Love what I do, fun (sometimes)."
Dan Parker:  5 years.  ”One of my most favorite thing is, we are not a number ! Meaning we are small enough to know each other names (most of their families). My second and I know you said one, but the get it done mind set (Love it too)!"

Brenda Smith:"Great working atmosphere – very family oriented. Very amazing to me being able to see where we were 25 years ago and where we are now.  Quite a difference."

Randy Smith: "I have worked here almost 12 years! We all have the same goal in mind: Customer Satisfaction. Friendships. I feel like my co-workers are more like family. Short and sweet." 

Scott Blaschak: "I’ve been the Controller for Covington for nearly 11 years.  What I enjoy most is being allowed to work as a trusted individual with the freedom to use my skills to contribute to our overall success!  The element of trust encourages me to step up my game and do my part."

Laura Collier: I joined Covington Box in 2017, so I am one of the newest members of the team.  One thing I see on a daily basis is Covington Box employees working very closely as a team to make sure their customers are 100% satisfied.  I personally like the independence of being able to do my job and to know I am truly supported.  I see a company who truly cares about their customers and their employees, making Covington Box a great place to work… did I say fun as well!

Expansion to Ohio

Dekalb, United Way "Day of Caring"


The project goal:   HELP for an older couple to maintain their home exterior.  Our community service:

We trimmed up trees and bushes, edged the sidewalks and drive way, pulled weeds, laid new plastics & wood chips. Then, the rotten boards were replaced on their home steps.

Covington Box team at your service!

Steuben County, "Box Regatta"

Plant Supervisors at Covington Box

Pam Miller, 26 years at Covington Box

OSHA milestone for safety

We are at 730 days and climbing without a OSHA Recordable Accident, our best milestone for safety to date (02/18/2016).

Things you should know about us - We asked our staff

What do you like about working at Covington Box ?

Ohio Plant, Covington Box

Covington Box and Packaging

Our History

Over 30 Years Experience

Our market focus is primarily in the North East region with heavy emphasis on the Tri-States region of Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. We do however service our customer’s parent manufacturing facilities; Some of which are located in Texas and North Carolina.

 Corrugated box caskets and cremation products  are distributed on a National level.

Covington Box and Packaging, Inc. was established in 1981 by Mr. Dean Kelly. After many years of working for large corrugated manufactures, Mr Kelly recognized a need that larger producers couldn’t fill. Covington was established in Ashley, Indiana to fulfill the void of quick order turnarounds,

Vendor Managed Inventory,

smaller release quantities and specialized packaging. With 5 just employees and a 20,000 Sq. facility the philosophy of

providing to the customer

"WHAT they want, WHEN they want it” began.


ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization.

ISO 9001 certification gives our organization the quality systems that provide the foundation to customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement.

Certification for following:

Design, manufacturing and distribution of corrugated packaging material.

Sorting and logistical services. 

Certificate No.:  CERT-0118051 

Dekalb, United Way "Day of Caring"