Flooring Upgrades to "Covington East"
Warehouse in Edgerton, Ohio 

More space was needed for our growing warehouse inventory located in Waterloo, Indiana, so we expanded into Edgerton, Ohio to a location formerly known as Fleetwood; Now called "Covington East". 

2019, Covington hired Preferred Inc. out of Fort Wayne to apply overlayment and epoxy/urethane to 80,000 Sq.ft or warehouse flooring. This investment was done to ensure that all product in the warehouse is kept in a clean/dust free environment thus ever improving customer satisfaction.

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"We are a TEAM! From the office workers, sales team to production /warehouse workers to the delivery drivers, all individuals and their collective roles play a very important part in the success of customer service and satisfaction".

-- Tony Fifer, President and Mike Rogers, General Manager


Tony Fifer and Mike Rogers of Covington Box

NEW Product:
 "Greencoat" technology for Cremation Box

Covington Box introduced   "Greencoat" technology,

as the first ever eco-friendly, water-resistant cremation container in the cremation industry.  

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Ron Hogan, Senior Driver, Covington Box & Packaging


Just in Time (JIT) Shipping & delivery to regional areas including Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

LOGO, Covington Box
American made flag
New flooring in Edgerton, Ohio plant, Covington Box
Pet carrier box, for vets & humans shelters, Covington Box

What's happening at Covington Box

Corrugated Boxes

We are a plant manufacturer of  custom cardboard boxes & packaging supplies.   

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Just in Time, Shipping Boxes


Shipping to Indiana, Ohio and Michigan - Large fleet of trucks

Covington Box, Waterloo, Indiana

and Edgerton, Ohio

Shipping fleet, Covington Box
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Pet carrier box, for vets & humans shelters, Covington Box

"Pet Box Carrier”
for vet clinics & humane shelters

Covington Box's president, Tony Fifer coordinating efforts with the Steuben County Humane Shelter located in Angola, Indiana to create a much needed (affordable) Pet Box Carrier “Adopt-A-Pet".

This synergy is benefiting  humane shelters, vet clinics, and many local organizations; 

"Our new  'Pet box carrier' is locally manufactured by Covington and will  be delivered (JIT) free to organizations within
65 miles from Covington's  plant -- a freight savings on all shipments!" --Tony Fifer  

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Covington Box

& Packaging

We are a plant manufacturer of boxes. We warehouse & ship packing boxes from Waterloo, Indiana with flexibility to meet short lead times without the burden of larger inventories on your floor, saving you thousands of dollars.


200,000 sq.ft. warehouse, vendor inventory management, Waterloo, Indiana. We expanded warehousing to Ohio in 2016! 

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Covington Box & Packaging

100% American-made.

We recycle.

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Eco-friendly pallet by Covington 
is an alternative to a
traditional pallet

Covington uses an eco-friendly, core-cutting machine as alternative to traditional pallet!

Its purpose is to cut to fiber paper cores to certain heights, so that we can make completely recyclable corrugated pallets. 

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“I deliver for the Covington team that understands "just in time" shipping (JIT). Customers appreciate when our trucks pull up to their docks!”

-Ron Hogan, Senior Driver, Covington Box & Packaging

ISO 9001:2015 

ISO certificate, Covington Box

 "We warehouse & ship packing boxes with flexibility to meet short lead times without the burden of larger inventories on your floor,

saving you thousands of dollars."

Corrugated Boxes sample, Covington Box
Cremation & Caskets, Covington Box
Warehousing service


Cremation & Caskets

"Corrugated Caskets" and "Body Boxes" cremation containers.

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