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 We are a corrugated sheet plant manufacturer of cremation boxes and caskets.  

We are the makers, not resellers!  

Our strength is our stunning quality, excellent service and  (JIT SHIPPING) just-in-time nationwide delivery.  You care about quality, looks and of course, price…You will be very satisfied with the quality & care we use when assembling your corrugated cloth covered caskets or cremation box containers, and buying directly from the manufacturer is a huge plus, saving you lots of money!    

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 Economy Body Box, cremation container

Body Box, cremation container packaged

Full Bale form, Body Box, cremation containers, Stock up!

5-Pak Body Box, cremation containers

Cremation containers

Our "Body Boxes" are ENGINEERED TOUGH.  The body box, cremation container supports 250 pounds without failure and includes our patented easy entrance panel to allow loading without lifting; Box hand holes for easy movement by one person.    Get Pricing.

Buy our patented  “Easy Entrance Panel,” no more lifting body.

​Buy in Bulk. Buy Direct. Save Money.

Buy Cremation "Body Boxes" in convenient 5-Pak, 20-Pak and full bales.

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Why buy our cloth-covered caskets?

  • Best value for you
  • Stunning, hand-crafted quality 
  • Easy, fast shipping.
  • No assembly required. 
  • 100% made in USA

​ About Our
Air Tray 


Cremation boxes and trays are Airline and International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) approved and contain no wood or metal parts. The reinforced tray has a patent pending interwoven nylon web which supports up to 1300 lbs. Tray and lid contain special Michelman® water resistant coating.​​

We manufacture & sell directly to the funeral and cremation industry.


We service customers with large quantity orders, small orders, special packaging options, private labeling product requests, custom design requests and more.

 We are box manufacturers and ship boxes nationwide to you ---our valued customers including funeral homes, crematories, casket distributors, and casket companies. We sell only to the funeral and cremation industry. We do not sell to the general public.

Cremation boxes & caskets 


     Boxes List

  • 2-Pak Corrugated Body Box 

  • 5-Pak Corrugated Body Box 

  • 20-Pak Corrugated Body Box 

  • Bale form, Corrugated Body Box 

  • Oversize Corrugated Body Box

  • Economy Corrugated Body Box

  • Viewing Tray

  • Temporary Remains Container

  • White Mailer Box, Standard Urn

  • All-Corrugated Air Tray

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Over-sized Body Box,  packaged​

Red Body Box, Cremation, Covington Box & Packaging

Quality, Hand-Crafted Corrugated Caskets. 
Shipped nationally!

Each of our corrugated, cloth-covered caskets is hand-crafted by skilled, caring workers in our Waterloo, Indiana plant and shipped nationally for your convenience.   Contact Us

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Cloth-covered caskets

​​Our service is legendary!   We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the service we offer.  Covington Box invites you to take advantage of the superior quality, service and experience that is Covington Box.   Contact Us 

100% American-made.


Order the "Red Body Box" 
Simply Strong & Sturdy

Red Body Box, Cremation, Covington Box & Packaging

BEST Value

20-Pak Body Box, cremation containers


No tools, glue, tape, or staples are required to assemble any of our  "Body box" cremation containers.​  Assembly in less than 2 minutes.


Red Body Box 

Simply Strong & Sturdy

  • Contains red tinted Michelman wax coating to help prevent leakage
  • 71 BC double wall corrugated
  • Complete with 6 hand holes for easy handling
  • Self-locking tabs are built-in for quick and solid assembly
  • Lid is printed to designate the head end, and offer an area to label vital information
  • Pricing is very competitive and the quality is extremely high
  • ​Inside dimensions:                    75" x 22 1/2" x 12"

Covington Box and Packaging

 About Cloth-Covered Caskets 

 Our cloth-covered caskets present a respectful product for viewing with a soft cloth-covered finish in a variety of pleasing colors and prints.

Our hand-sewn, hand-crafted satin interiors come complete with liner and matching pillow made in our plant. We discretely line every cloth covered casket with a hidden plastic liner.

Our cloth covered caskets come with a solid wood frame and wood handles in dark or light finish, or polycarbonate handles. 100% American-made corrugated cloth covered caskets are ideal for both burial and cremation. 

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