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Covington Box, Waterloo, Indiana

Just in Time Shipping & Delivery


warehousing, shipping, specialty boxes

Covington Box and Packaging is a box company, and a corrugated sheet plant manufacturer with a 30-year proven track record of excellence in the corrugated packaging industry.  Just in Time (JIT) Shipping & delivery to regional areas including Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

Customer Service

"We are a TEAM! From the office workers to production /warehouse workers to the delivery drivers, all individuals and their collective roles play a very important part in the success of customer service and satisfaction".

-- Tony Fifer, President and Mike Rogers, General Manager

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milestone for safety

We are at 422 days and climbing without a OHSA Recordable Accident, our best milestone for safety to date.


100 corrugated boxes donated

Covington donated 100-corrugated boxes to Fairview Missionary Church, Angola, Indiana. Pastor Joel Greenwood, caring pastor Norm Fuller and assistant pastor/music director Glen flint came up with a wonderful idea to create a mountain wall back drop in the sanctuary. Community news

our milestone for safety

1st the Company has beat our old Safety record of 341 days without a OHSA Recordable Accident.
2nd have gone a full year without a OHSA Recordable Accident.
3rd we are at 422 days and climbing without a OHSA Recordable Accident,

as of April 2015.

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Covington Box & Packaging, Inc.


200,000 sq.ft. warehouse, vendor inventory management, Waterloo, Indiana

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Corrugated Boxes

Huge variety of cardboard boxes & packaging supplies custom made for you in our plant.

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did you know

Covington Box & Packaging serves the largest company employer in Steuben County. Did you know we dedicate two semis for Just in Time shipping to Miller Amish Country Poultry, Orland, Indiana!!

We are a plant manufacturer of boxes. We warehouse & ship packing boxes from Waterloo, Indiana with flexibility to meet short lead times without the burden of larger inventories on your floor, saving you thousands of dollars.